David Dennison

I'm a Digital Marketing Expert and I believe that amazing marketing is the key to the success of any business, especially when it comes to YOUR business. Great marketers are hard to find - and great marketers who are able to share the vision and passion of your business are even harder to find.

Digital Marketing Expert - What I Do

Search Engine Optimization

I have been working in the SEO marketing industry for over ten years. I regularly produce content, design web pages, and help companies implement strategies to grow their customer base. I help companies that want to increase their visibility and revenue by implementing strategic SEO marketing campaigns.

Content Marketing

As a Content Marketer, my passion is to unite businesses with their customers in a way that not only generates revenue, but also genuinely connects them with their audience in order to generate long-lasting and loyal relationships with their target market.


I'm a creative copywriter that can help you attract more customers, improve conversions, and make your digital presence unforgettable. My passion for people and business is fueled by my experience as an entrepreneur and storyteller. I’m a marketer and a storyteller wrapped into one, able to create compelling marketing that will encourage your audience to take action.

Social Media Marketing

As an expert in the digital world, I believe social media is an essential piece to every brand’s marketing plan. I thrive in developing, implementing, and monitoring various companies across all social platforms. With a passion for strategy and digital esthetic, I have increased brand awareness while improving and generating marketing efforts and sales!